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3 Tips To Use Small Business Facebook Pages For Marketing

So you’ve created a small business Facebook page and built an audience. Your goal now is to build a relationship with your users.
To do so, you must be engaging. Follow the following pointers to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your small business Facebook page:

Keep It Short
Keep your Facebook posts to no less than 100 characters and no more than 250 characters.
According to recently published Facebook statistics, this will get you about 60% more likes, shares, and comments.

Be Visual
Text only is not very engaging and is likely to be overlooked in the sea of status updates Facebook users receive by the minute.
People love albums, photos, and videos. They do so much that you’ll get between 100% – 180% more exposure if you post them.

Jerry and Julia have found that posting before and after photos of their customers… was most engaging

One of our clients, a Hair Salon in Davis, CA called Style Lounge has experienced a surge of success recently. Jerry and Julia have found that posting before and after photos of their customers (with their permission, of course) was most engaging; even moreso than posting promotions. This plays on the psychological aspect that people love seeing themselves. When you post a photo of a customer, it’s likely that he or she will tag themselves in it, thus exposing it to all of their friends, bringing precious exposure and Facebook referrals to your small business.
Optimized: Page Insights help you learn things such as what times people engage most with your content so you can post during those hours


Facebook provides an interface called Insights to see how engaging your posts are. Logged in as the page administrator, you can see post-specific information underneath each post. Experiment to see what works for your target market. Once you have a few posts, you can see what’s most engaging by looking at the raw numbers of how many fans saw the post, and how many friends of fans saw the post (noted under the category “Viral”). Based on this information, you can optimize your future posts to ensure maximum exposure.

By implementing these three simple tips, you will excite your fans, increase user engagement, get referrals, and increase your profits.

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