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“How Do I Get My Business On Facebook?” Is The Wrong Question!

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Why Is ”How do I get my business on Facebook?” The WRONG Question?

During many of our free 30-minute phone consultations, the team and I get asked this question a lot: “How do I get my business on Facebook?“.

I personally love that you guys recognize there’s something valuable about Facebook. If I’m right in my assumption that the number one reason you want to get on Facebook is to grow and increase your profits, though, then you’re asking the wrong question.

Cutting through the BS, simply having a bunch of Likes on Facebook does NOT increase profits.  Asking ”How do I get my business on Facebook?” is the wrong question.
Facebook is a wonderful platform to build relationships with your existing customers and to leverage their social circles to get referrals.

Some examples of building relationships and engaging users: throwing contests, offering promos, and running sweepstakes. These are fantastic ways to encourage people to click “Like”. The result: this publicly endorses your small business.

Posting quality content leads to building strong customer relationships. Strong customer relationships increases profits. Seeing that Facebook is about to reach just reached a billion people, it provides for a wonderful place to create these relationship and get referrals. Additionally, posting this quality content allows for your small business to get more referrals.

The Formula

Strong Customer Relationships = Growth (Repeat Business And Referrals) = Money In Your Pocket

The question “How do I get my business on Facebook?” then transforms into “How do I build strong customer relationships on Facebook?”

That is a question I can answer for you. Call now for a free consultation and we’ll explain in detail: (530) 643 7850. If now’s not a good time, just fill the form below:

Update 10/02/2012: I think you’ll find these tips useful and more specific: 3 Tips To Use Facebook For Small Business Marketing.


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